Why Should You Remove A Tree That's Been Severely Damaged By Boring Insects?

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Why Should You Remove A Tree That's Been Severely Damaged By Boring Insects?

28 August 2023
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Boring insects, like beetles and moths, lay eggs inside tiny crevices in tree bark. When the eggs hatch, the larvae tunnel inside the tree's trunk and eat the wood inside. Boring insect larvae can quickly cause a significant amount of damage to a tree since the tree's trunk is where it circulates nutrients like water taken up by the tree's roots and glucose produced by photosynthesis. Leaves and branches will start dying when they're cut off from nutrients.

When a tree has been severely damaged by boring insects, it's usually best to remove the tree. To find out why tree removal is often the best way to address a boring insect infestation, read on.

Trees Damaged by Boring Insects Are More Likely to Split

One of the most pressing reasons to remove a tree that's been damaged by boring insect larvae is that they're more likely to split at the trunk, causing the top part of the tree to collapse and fall over. When the larvae eat away at the inside of a tree's trunk, the wood there becomes weak and brittle. Strong winds are more likely to snap the tree's trunk when it has been weakened. This can cause severe damage to your property if the crown of your tree falls on your home or your car. Removing the damaged tree stops it from becoming a hazard.

Removing the Tree From Your Property Protects Your Other Trees From Insect Infestation

When boring insects enter their adult stage, they start searching out other trees to lay their eggs in. Other trees on your property may be targets for infestation, and the boring insects may damage and kill them as well. Removing the tree from your property helps limit the infestation and protect your trees.

Boring Insects Infest Trees That Are Already Weak and Unhealthy

Boring insects are typically attracted to trees that have open wounds from excessive trimming or are stressed by drought. It's easier for their larvae to gain access to the trunk of the tree when it's weakened. Many trees that end up with a boring insect infestation were not in good health in the first place, and the presence of insects is simply an indicator of a larger problem with the tree. Between the new insect infestation and the prior stress, it may not be possible for the tree to recover. Dead tree limbs are more likely to fall off in storms, and removing the tree preemptively will stop it from potentially becoming a hazard.

If you have a tree on your property that's infested with boring insect larvae, removing it will prevent it from becoming a property hazard while protecting your other trees from infestation. Call a tree removal service in your area and have it completely removed from your property. Making sure no branches or limbs remain will stop any adult boring insects that may be inside them from laying eggs in other trees on your property.

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