3 Most Common Tree Removal Methods

Want to improve your home's curbside appeal? Learn different ways to implement trees and what professional tree services can do to help in this blog.

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3 Most Common Tree Removal Methods

23 February 2023
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Trees are crucial to human life because they provide oxygen and reduce air pollution. The government encourages you to plant more trees and conserve the ones in your environment. However, removing trees from your environment is inevitable, especially if they endanger you and your property.

If you have to remove trees in your compound, ensure you hire a tree removal company to remove the trees safely. The experts will offer you different removal options depending on your situation.

Here are three common tree removal methods. 

1. Cutting Trees

You can remove a tree in your compound by cutting it down with a chainsaw. This method is convenient if you need to remove the whole tree fast. For instance, if a tree is in the way of electricity lines, you must remove it quickly. Hiring professionals to cut down the tree is the best alternative in such a scenario.

However, you must get licensing and authorization from local authorities to cut down a tree. In the wake of climate change and the need to conserve the environment, you must justify cutting down a tree.

Once you've secured authorization to cut a tree, hire professional tree removal services. They will ensure to properly cut and dispose of the tree without damaging nearby property.

2. Trimming and Pruning Trees

Sometimes, you only need to remove a few branches from a tree. You can hire a professional to remove tree branches that bring too much shade to your home, obstruct electricity and utility lines, and are a safety hazard.

There are three ways to prune a tree, namely:

  • Pruning using an aerial lift
  • Pruning using a crane
  • Climbing a tree to prune it

You can hire a professional tree removal team with an aerial lift to cut branches and prune a tree that's too tall. With the lift, the professionals can reach the hard-to-reach branches easily and safely.

You can also use a crane to reach a tree's high branches and eliminate unnecessary shade. Tree cranes have special equipment for tree removal and are more convenient than an aerial lift. With the crane, you can move the bulky sections of the tree.

You can also hire a tree removal expert to climb up a tree and prune the unnecessary branches. The experts have special tools and equipment to climb trees safely. They also know how to cut the branches correctly so they can't destroy property as they fall.

3. Uprooting and Replanting Trees 

Uprooting a tree is necessary if it poses a danger to your property or the neighbors.

You must hire a team to uproot and replant the tree at a safer location. It's a great tree removal option if you need to move a tree to make room for a project. However, it's also the most challenging tree removal option.

A tree removal expert can help you to:

  • Evaluate if the tree is healthy enough to grow in a different location
  • Keep the root intact during the removal process
  • Replant the tree immediately

Uprooting a tree can be risky, so you must always work with an experienced tree removal team.