How Tree Stump Removal Works For Getting Rid Of An Old Stump In Your Yard

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How Tree Stump Removal Works For Getting Rid Of An Old Stump In Your Yard

30 January 2023
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An old tree stump in your yard can be an eyesore. Plus, it may prevent you from putting in a garden or above-ground pool. It may be possible for you to hack out the stump with an axe or pull it out with a truck, but if you live in the city, that may be too disruptive or difficult. Instead, call a tree stump removal contractor. They can get rid of the stump by grinding it away. Here's how.

They Bring A Stump Grinder To Your Property

A stump grinder is a machine that has a saw blade on the end of it that the contractor uses to tear up the stump so it doesn't have to be removed whole. The grinders come in different sizes, and a small one will usually fit through your fence gate, so you shouldn't need to take your fence down to get the work done.

Your Property Is Protected

As you can imagine, grinding away at a tree stump can cause bits of wood and bark to fly through the air. The contractor takes steps to contain the debris. They may put screens up to stop wood bits from flying too close to your house. Since this can be dangerous, you'll need to stay inside while the work is going on.

You Decide How Deep To Grind

The saw removes the stump that's above the ground, and it also removes part of the stump that's buried. You can choose how deep you want the grinder to go. The deeper the contractor removes the stump, the more the work will probably cost. However, if you want to put another tree in the same spot, you'll probably want all the roots ground away so the new tree will be able to fill the area with its own roots.

You can also decide how you want to fill the hole. You may want the wood chips pushed in it, or you might want to fill the hole with soil and compact it so there won't be a depression in your yard.

The Cost Depends On A Few Factors

The size of the stump matters when you're getting tree stump removal services. However, the type of tree matters too since some wood is harder than others. A tree with hard wood will probably take longer to grind.

In addition, if the stump is against the side of your garage or fence, the work could be more complicated and cost more. When you call for an estimate, let the contractor know the type of tree and the size of the stump so they can give you an accurate estimate over the phone for your tree stump removal.

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