Special Reasons For Tree Trimming In The Cold Season

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Special Reasons For Tree Trimming In The Cold Season

26 October 2021
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You may have heard that the cold season (fall and winter) is a great time to take care of tree pruning in general. But depending on what types of trees you have and what purposes they serve, you may have special reasons for wanting to prune your trees at this time as well.

Here are some special reasons to consider tree trimming during the colder months of the year.

1. Taking advantage of dormancy

Some types of trees don't react well when pruned heavily during the growing season. For example, a fig tree will leak a milky sap fluid when pruned during the growing months. If you prune it heavily during those months, the tree could leak a lot of sap and become weakened and susceptible to pests and diseases.

For fig trees and other trees that may react in a similar way, you'll need to take advantage of the dormant season that occurs during the cold months. The cold weather will allow you to prune these types of trees without the weakening effect of bleeding.

2. Shaping trees for holiday decoration

If you're a big proponent of decorating for the holidays, you may enjoy decorating your entire landscape with holiday lights, ornaments, and other types of decoration. Trimming your landscape trees back just before the holiday season can help keep them a more manageable size for decorating. In addition, you can take the opportunity to trim some of them into holiday-related shapes, such as trimming any young conifers into a classic holiday tree shape.

3. Promoting blooms or fruit

If you have landscape trees that provide double duty with loads of blossoms or fruit during the growing season, you may need to time your pruning carefully to avoid removing the buds or spurs that the buds and fruit grow from. For many trees (other than those that bloom in winter or spring), trimming during the colder months is a great way to allow for the best production of flowers or fruit. So if you have flowering or fruiting trees that produce blooms later in summer, winter pruning is typically a great option.

4. Taking advantage of the offseason

Since plants are largely dormant during the colder months, your tree trimming service may experience a seasonal downswing in demand for their services. They could have lower rates or better availability during this time, which you may be able to take advantage of.

As you can see, the colder times of the year can be a great time to hire tree trimming services for a variety of purposes. Get in touch with your tree trimming company today to discuss the advantages of having your trees trimmed in winter or to schedule a tree trimming visit during the colder months.

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