Own Several Dogs? Remove Trees To Protect Them

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Own Several Dogs? Remove Trees To Protect Them

30 June 2021
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While moving to a new home, you should inspect the property with your dogs' health and safety in mind. Keeping every plant and tree throughout the landscape is ideal. However, you should invest in tree removal services when removing a problematic tree in order to protect your dogs.


A tree trunk may not seem like much of a problem, but it can create an opportunity for your dogs to escape a fenced-in backyard. The size and shape of a tree trunk play a huge role because a narrow incline will allow your dogs to climb up the tree comfortably. Then, all they need to do to leave the backyard is follow one of the branches that extend over the fence.


Preventing your dogs from getting sick is an excellent reason to remove a tree. Knowing what trees are toxic is important because you should remove them to maximize safety. Whether the bark, flowers, leaves, or seeds are dangerous, you are better off not taking any chances.

A toxic tree might be in the front yard where you do not plan on letting your dogs go. But, you may experience situations where the wind carries leaves, flowers, and seeds into the backyard. As such, removing the tree may be required.


Climbable trunks and toxic trees are often the most dangerous for dogs because they can get injured while escaping and sick from toxicity. However, other tree features such as roots can cause harm because your dogs can trip over shallow roots while playing in the backyard.

If your dogs love to play around together, you may find them gravitating towards a particular spot in the backyard. When this spot has shallow tree roots, you should consider removing the tree to maximize safety for your dogs and prevent a possible injury. Tripping over a tree root while running around at full speed can lead to leg or paw injuries.


Even when a tree is not toxic, you may find it best to remove a tree when its debris can cause problems for your dogs. Pinecones, spiked seed pods, or thorny branches are dangerous types of debris to have around the backyard where your dogs like to play and run around. The most reliable solution is to remove these trees, which will also eliminate the harmful debris.

Knowing you can let your dogs into the backyard without concern will help you get comfortable in your new home. So, you should remove trees for these reasons to get desirable results. Contact a tree removal service for more information.