How To Ensure Good Results With Mosquito Removal Service

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How To Ensure Good Results With Mosquito Removal Service

27 May 2021
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Some people hire a mosquito service and they never have a problem with mosquitoes in their yard again. Other people hire a mosquito service, only to continue to see and be bitten by these pests. What's the difference? In spite of what you may initially think, the second person probably did not hire an inferior mosquito service. Chances are, they just failed to keep up with the little, nitty-gritty details that make all the difference when you're battling these tiny, biting insects. If you want to have good results when you hire a mosquito service, here are some things you should do.

Cut the weeds back.

Most mosquito services spray vegetation with insecticides as a part of their protocol. However, if the weeds and brush are too long, the spray may not penetrate properly into the deeper layers of the vegetation, and mosquitoes may continue to breed there. So, bring out your weed trimmer or brush hog and give everything a good trim before the mosquito service arrives.

Opt for growth regulators if you have water.

If you have a pond or swampland on your property, talk to the mosquito service about applying insect growth regulators in and around the water. Some services do this by default. Others only apply a microbial insecticide to the water unless you specifically request growth regulators. The growth regulators will stop any eggs from hatching and will stop immature mosquitoes from continuing to develop. Basically, they'll get you a few more mosquito-free weeks out of every service, and they'll make the treatment that much more effective.

Coordinate with the neighbors.

If you live in a whole neighborhood of wet yards and untrimmed brush, then you're still going to see mosquitoes — even if you have your own yard sprayed and treated. To really keep these insects away, you need to coordinate with the neighbors. Chances are, they don't want the mosquitoes around, either. If you approach them a few weeks before you're scheduled to have the mosquito service out, they will probably be interested in having their yard treated, too. The mosquito service may give you a cheaper, group rate if they can do everything all at once. And with everyone's yard being treated, you will all see fewer mosquitoes.

If you want a mosquito service to be successful, you need to take these three steps. With growth regulators, a good trim, and neighborhood participation, you can beat those nasty little biters. Contact a mosquito removal service for more information.