Yard Clean Up Tips To Help You Remove A Tree And Its Stump

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Yard Clean Up Tips To Help You Remove A Tree And Its Stump

10 November 2022
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Trees provide a majestic addition to any landscaped yard and have many additional environmental benefits during the years they grow and mature. However, when it is time to remove a tree, whether from death, disease, or another reason, it is always good to remove it with the right process and safety in mind. Here are some tips to help you remove a tree and its remaining stump.

Manage the Tree Removal

A tree is going to have some amount of growth above ground, depending on its size, age, and the type of tree it is. For example, some trees grow hundreds of feet into the air and extend across your home's roof, fence lines, and outbuildings. When you are dealing with a large tree removal in your yard, it is always best to hire a professional tree expert to safely dismantle the tree. 

If you try to remove a tree yourself, you can risk the tree falling on someone, a vehicle, a home, or another structure around it. Only cut down a tree yourself if the tree is small enough that you can use a chainsaw or handsaw while you are standing on firm ground. It is not ever a good idea to carry a chainsaw up a ladder into the branches of a tree to cut off even one branch. A tree expert will safely secure the area, use safety equipment to prevent falls, and follow the right types of protocol to remove the tree piece by piece.

Remove the Stump

In addition to the tree growth above ground, there is nearly an equal growth below ground that you need to take care of. The tree stump can be a big obstacle in your yard that prevents you from optimally using the space, but you can remove it. The stump and its underlying root system will be in the way of you being able to successfully plant a new tree and have it grow well. 

Contact a professional tree expert for a stump removal in your yard and contact local utility companies, such as gas, power, and internet, to mark off their in-ground lines within your yard. If the stump is not cut off at ground level, they will first cut off any section protruding from the ground. Then, they will grind down the stump and its main root system below the soil, stripping it from the soil. It is also a good idea to remove the wood shavings left behind so you can replace them with new topsoil. This enables you to use the area around where the tree once stood and provides you with rich new soil for new landscaping growth. 

For more information about stump grinding, contact a local company.