3 Signs You Need To Hire A Tree Removal Company Urgently

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3 Signs You Need To Hire A Tree Removal Company Urgently

20 September 2022
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Though trees add character to your landscape, there are certain instances you need to remove them. For example, if a tree is inhibiting the construction of a new structure on your property, you may have to remove it to make room for the new structure. As a result, you will need to call a tree removal company to remove the tree for you.

However, some situations warrant a more urgent removal of a tree from your property because delaying or neglecting to call a tree removal service could result in a catastrophe. 

Here are three situations that warrant calling a tree removal service immediately. 

1. Leaning Trees 

When a tree starts to lean, it is losing grip on the ground. The tree will continue to lean until the weight of the tree overcomes the support from its roots. When such a scenario occurs, it is only a matter of time before the tree collapses. 

Hence, a leaning tree is a safety hazard to you, your property, and your neighbors. Besides, if the tree falls on your house, it will cause significant damage. Also, if the tree falls on your neighbor's house, you can get sued and have to compensate your neighbor for the damages or injuries incurred. 

So, when you notice a tree on your property start to lean, it is advisable to have it removed before it collapses. Thus, you should call a tree removal service when trees start to lean dangerously. Besides, hiring a tree removal company is more affordable than paying for damages caused by a fallen tree. 

2. Dead Trees 

When a tree dies, it is not advisable to let it remain on your property. A dead tree may become a refuge for pests that may invade your home. Furthermore, its branches could fall off as the tree decays or dries up. Hence, a dead tree is also a safety hazard because a decaying branch could fall on someone, causing severe injuries. 

Thus, if you have a dead or decaying tree on your property, don't wait until an accident occurs to get rid of it. Instead, take the preventative measure of calling a tree removal service to remove the tree before it causes injury or property damage. 

3. Severe Tree Trunk Damage 

Sometimes trees can incur severe damage due to various factors. For instance, pests can eat away at a tree and leave it with a hollow trunk. Or, strong storm winds could swing the tree so hard that the tree trunk incurs deep cracks. 

When a tree suffers such severe damage to its truck, it may not be able to support its weight for long. As a result, there's a chance that the tree could collapse. So, there is no point in waiting for the inevitable to happen. Instead, you should call a tree removal service to cut down the tree and grind its stump.