Do You Have A Tree That Should Be Cut Down? Look For The Following Signs

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Do You Have A Tree That Should Be Cut Down? Look For The Following Signs

22 April 2022
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Sometimes, people don't want to cut down the trees on their property. Not only do they add a lot of beauty and property value, but it can take many years for a new tree to grow back in its place. That's why you'll want to know what signs to look for that indicate it is time to remove a dead or diseased tree.

Large Trunk Cavities

You may not think much of those large cavities that are found in your tree, but they are actually a sign that the tree is in distress. If it's not growing properly due to having a disease, it can cause odd cavities to form due to decay. However, cavities are not the only reason to remove a tree, since you'll also want to look for other warning signs as well. 

Decay Or Mushrooms Near The Trunk's Base

Cavities that are accompanied by other signs of decay are a reason to be concerned. You may notice that there are mushrooms that are now growing near the trunk's base. This can be a sign of some type of infection within the tree that has now spread to the outside. There may also be a serious issue with decay near the part of the tree that touches the ground. 

Chipping Or Peeling Bark

A tree that is dying is going to have the bark start chipping or peeling off of the tree's trunk. While this can happen due to seasonal changes, it is a concern when you have some sort of pest infestation that caused it to happen. You'll know when it is time to be concerned about removing the tree because the loss of bark will be quite extreme. 

Dead Branches In The Tree's Upper Crown

It's also possible that you have dead branches that are in the tree's upper crown, which is one of the first places where the branch will start to die off. You can test these branches by trying to bend one with your fingers. A dead branch is going to be quite brittle and snap easily. If it is still alive, it is going to bend rather than break.

Branches Not Producing Buds

It's possible to have branches that are still alive, but they are not producing buds anymore. This is likely due to the branches not being able to get nutrients and water to the buds, so they do not form anymore. 

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