How To Better Care For Your Shrubs

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How To Better Care For Your Shrubs

6 December 2018
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If you have some shrubs on your property that you want to keep in the best shape possible, you will want to spend a little time reviewing the following information.

Don't Forget The Fertilizer

A lot of people will use fertilizer for their flowers and their vegetable garden, but forget all about using it for their shrubs as well. Anything that you are growing as a part of your landscape design should receive plenty of fertilizer throughout the year, especially during spring so they can get the best head start on the growing season. The fertilizer can be store bought or you can make your own. This can be easily done by starting a compost. Put grass clippings, dead leaves, and organic food scraps from your kitchen into the compost and make sure to turn the compost over at least once a day to get oxygen in there. That will promote quick decomposition so you can start spreading some around the bottom of your shrubs as soon as possible.

Keep Them Trimmed

You do not want your shrubs to grow out of control, so it is important to make sure that you are keeping up with the trimming. Depending on the time of the year, you might have to trim them weekly because of fast growth. During other times of the year, you might not have to trim them at all. Just make sure that you are working with sharp trimmers in order to get healthy cuts.

Hire Professional Landscapers

If you have a lot of shrubs on your property and do not have the time to fertilize, water, and trim all of them on your own, you can hire a professional that offers shrub care services. You can hire them to come out weekly, every other week or even once a month if you just want a little help. The landscaper professionals will be able to explain the details of the services that they provide and how those services should improve the look and health of all of your shrubs.

The more you do to properly care for your shrubs, the better they will look and the healthier any new growth will be. With the proper care and work, you will not have to worry about your shrubs becoming such an eyesore that they have to be removed and replaced. After all, to go out and buy all new shrubs that would take a while to grow to full size can take a lot of time and money.