Are Your Kids Playing Outside Often? 4 Reasons To Remove A Tree From The Yard

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Are Your Kids Playing Outside Often? 4 Reasons To Remove A Tree From The Yard

9 September 2018
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When you first moved into your home, your kids may not have been old enough to play together in the backyard. But, you may be at a point in which your children play outside regularly. To provide them with a safe and enjoyable space where they can play in the backyard, you should consider analyzing the entire landscape to determine if any changes are worth making.

Investing in tree removal is worthwhile when a tree causes problems for your kids in the yard.


Getting routine tree trimming is an important step in maintaining tree health and preventing overgrown branches from snapping. But, there are some trees with brittle branches that are susceptible to breakage even when you are doing everything that you can to maintain the tree.

If you notice that branches are breaking off over the area where your kids like to play, you should consider tree removal because you do not want your kids to be at risk when they are outside.


Another way that a tree can become a problem for your kids is when shallow roots expand throughout a large portion of the yard. While your children may do their best to avoid the roots while playing in the backyard, the chance of them tripping and getting hurt is always there. An easy way to eliminate the risk of your kids getting injured is by removing the tree and its roots.


In most situations, you may love to have shade on your property. A tree that shades part of your home will keep the temperature down in the room that it protects from the sun. But, you may not want a tree to cover the center of the yard where your children play on most occasions.

Substantial shade can make it hard for you to keep an eye on your kids when they are outside. Also, they may have a harder time playing because the tree blocks so much sunlight. Being able to transplant the tree can help you get the shade elsewhere, but tree removal may be necessary.


When a tree drops leaves and flowers, you may not worry about having to clean up the yard on occasion. But, a tree that creates debris in the form of pine cones or thorny seeds is worth removing because you do not want your kids to get injured while running around the yard.

Knowing when to remove a tree will help you kids have fun and stay safe when playing outside. Contact a service, like Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service, for more help.