4 Summer Landscaping Maintenance Tips To Combat Harsh Droughts

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4 Summer Landscaping Maintenance Tips To Combat Harsh Droughts

20 June 2018
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As summer weather gets hotter, plants begin to need more water. With droughts, plants often die due to the lack of water and dry conditions. To ensure your landscaping is durable and resistant to summer droughts, you want to do improvements and routine maintenance to combat droughts. Here are some landscaping tips to help keep your gardens looking great through even the harshest droughts:

1. Using Native Plants That Are Tolerant To Dry Weather

Native plant life is one of the best ways to combat dry climates. If you live in an area where dry summers are the norm, then native plants are a great solution for landscaping design. To choose the right plants for your landscaping, research the native fauna in your region. Visit your local garden store or contact a landscaping service and talk with them about native plants that thrive in the climate where you live.

2. Hardscaping For Waterless Landscaping Designs In Dry Areas

If you live in an area that has consistent dry weather, you may want to reduce the amount of plants that you use in your landscaping. To do this, consider using more hardscape solutions for your landscaping design. These solutions consider things like decorative gravel for ground cover, pavements, and features like retaining walls. The fewer plants you use in landscaping design, the less maintenance and irrigation is going to be needed; this makes your landscaping more drought tolerant.

3. Artificial Turf For A Greener Lawn That Needs Less Watering

Grass can be difficult to maintain during harsh summer droughts. You want your lawn to be green, but dry weather can cause it to quickly turn brown and look dead. Artificial turf is a great solution to reduce water needs and keep a green lawn all year. Even though you use artificial turf, your lawn is still going to need a minimal amount of watering and maintenance, but far less than natural grass lawns.

4. Irrigation Solutions That Provide Resources And Reduce Water Consumption

Irrigation is something that you will want to improve for a more drought tolerant landscaping design. This can be done with solutions like rain collection and greywater recycling for water resources. To reduce the amount of water needed for landscaping, use solutions like drip irrigation to reduce consumption of water during the dry season.

These are some landscape improvements and maintenance tips that will help you beat harsh summer droughts. If you want to have more drought tolerant landscaping, contact a landscaping maintenance service and talk with them about some of these solutions.