3 Useful Tips When Removing Branches From Your Trees

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3 Useful Tips When Removing Branches From Your Trees

29 March 2018
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When tree branches start growing too much, they may need to be removed to protect your property. You can't just cut these branches haphazardly, though. You need to follow these measures for your safety and the tree's health.

Mark Off the Appropriate Areas

Before you start cutting branches down, you need to mark off areas around your property where the branches will fall. Then, you won't have to worry as much about someone getting hit by the falling branch or causing damage to surrounding structures.

Start by setting up some stakes in the ground where the drop radius will be for a particular branch. Wrap some caution tape around these stakes so that everyone knows to keep clear, at least until you're finished cutting down branches. You can also use spray paint to create danger zones, indicating where tree branches will fall after they've been cut.

Utilize a Pole Pruner 

There will be times when some branches are simply too high to reach. Instead of leaving these branches alone and letting them grow, you can invest in a pole pruner. It's specifically designed to reach high up in trees, allowing you to safely cut branches while standing on the ground.

The great thing about these pruners is a lot of them feature an automatic cutting design. So when you reach the desired branch, all you have to do is press a button. A powered saw will then cut straight through the branch in an effortless fashion.

Hire Tree Trimming Professionals 

For a lot of homeowners, they simply don't have the time nor the experience to remove branches from their trees. That's where tree trimming professionals come in handy. These specialists offer many benefits over the DIY approach to tree trimming.

For example, these companies know exactly where to cut so that none of your trees' health is jeopardized in any way. They can also recycle branches that are removed from your property, preventing them from piling up and causing a mess. Above everything else, though, a lot of trimming companies offer insurance. So if your property is damaged in any way during the branch extraction, you don't have to cover these costs.

No matter what types of trees you have on your property, there will be times when branches simply need to go. Removing them doesn't have to be dangerous or time-consuming if you follow the correct protocol, as well as contact professional services when appropriate.