3 Reasons You Should Remove That Tree Stump In Your Yard

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3 Reasons You Should Remove That Tree Stump In Your Yard

11 December 2017
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If you removed a tree in your yard and left the stump there, just know that you have not completed the removal process. This is because the disadvantages of leaving the stump there are graver than any advantage you may derive from them. Here are three specific problems you may experience by having a stump next to your house:

It May Attract Pests to Your House

The tree stump will attract all manner of rodents and insects to the yard. Termites, ants, beetle among others, as some of the animals that will be attracted to the stump. Some of these animals will want to live on the stump while others may see it as food. Bigger animals may also congregate at the stump to prey on the insects. Don't be surprised if some of these pests end up in your house; the termites, in particular, can cause serious damage if they end up migrating into the main house.

Its Roots Can Cause Infrastructure Damage

Just because a tree has been cut down, it doesn't mean that it's remaining part it's dead. This is especially true on the part of the stump that is below ground, including the roots. The roots can still grow and damage your property such as water or sewer pipes. They may also extend under the house and cause serious foundation damage. You should suspect that a stump's roots are still growing if its producing shoots.

It's a Dangerous Object to Have around the Yard

Even if the stump doesn't cause foundation damage or attract pests to your house, it is still dangerous to have it in your yard. You can easily trip over a stump and fall, especially one that was cut close to the ground and you can't see it clearly. The risk that your stump will cause an injury is even high if you have a wheelchair user, a child or anyone with mobility issues in the home. Don't forget that if the stump causes injury to one of your visitors, the visitor has the right to pursue a personal injury claim against you.

There are many ways of removing a tree stump; you can grind it, burn it or accelerate its rotting process, among others. Some of these techniques will yield results faster than others, some are more environmentally friendly than others, and some are easier to execute than others. Therefore, consult a tree removal company to help you determine which method suits your case best. To learn more, contact a tree removal company like Admiral Tree Service, LLC