Three Methods Of Stump Removal You Can Try

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Three Methods Of Stump Removal You Can Try

7 September 2017
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Tree stumps are unsightly and annoying. They frequently cause problems with keeping the grass trimmed and damaging the mower. Removing tree stumps sounds like a chore, and it is, but it is worth it to remove them from your yard. Here are three methods of stump removal you can try.

All-Natural, Biodegradable Stump Eater

This is a chemical solution that literally eats the stump. It breaks the stump down into an organic compound similar to earth, at which point you can use a tiller to grind it up into the underlying soil. Because it is all-natural, it will not hurt surrounding greenery or plants, and it it is not toxic to the earth. It does take a few applications for larger stumps, and you will have to wait a few months before the stumps are soft enough to grind up. It is the simplest option with the least amount of effort possible.

Wedge and Sledge

This is similar to cutting a tree down in that you are using a tree-cutting wedge to drive cracks into the remaining wood. The wedge is driven into sections of the stump to split it up into pieces. You have to swing a heavy sledgehammer to hit the wedge in order to create the splits and cracks in the stump. From there, you can use a spade to dig up the chunks of trunk, or you can let it sit and let insects eat the stump pieces into nothingness. Most people who choose the "wedge and sledge" method of tree removal just decide to keep working and use a spade to remove the pieces.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is performed by a stump removal company, although you could attempt this method yourself. You will need a stump grinder and you need to know how to use it. The grinder is placed over the edge of a stump, turned on, and you gradually push the grinder further and further over the stump. The grinder pulverizes the stump into a fine sawdust. Several passes may be needed for really large tree stumps. You may also need to reposition the grinder on the stump from different angles or sides to eliminate the stump as a whole.

If you hire the company instead, like Nelson Tree Company, you do not have to worry about possibly injuring yourself while removing the stumps. There is always a minimal charge per stump, and a minimum number of stumps per visit (usually two or three). This service is best for stumps of a very large size, but the company can remove small stumps, too.