Three Steps To Reviving A Dying Rose Bush

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Three Steps To Reviving A Dying Rose Bush

15 May 2017
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Learning that one of your beloved rose bushes is dying can be an upsetting event. If despite tending to the bush it seems to be shriveling more than thriving, you may need to change your care tactics. If you are not sure about how to save your rose bush but you want to give it a chance to live again, here is a three-step course of action to giving your rose bush life. 

Call an arborist

One of the first people that you will need if you want rescue a rose bush is a professional. Arborists are able to look at the overall structure and condition of a plan to give you a plan of action. Often this plan of action could include pruning specific parts of the plant. Sometimes this may mean reinforcing the plant in some way. Have an arborist look at your plant to determine if the plant is suffering from a disease for from a curable issue that a little TLC can take care of. 

Mind the pruning

If one particular area of your rose bush is dying out, or if you are noticing dead branches in different spots, your bush will need to be pruned. Pruning to remove dead or sickly branches will make it easier for the healthy parts of your tree to thrive. A well-pruned tree will also boast more rose sprouts that survive to full bloom. Be sure to inspect the tree regularly and cut off the branches that are dead or dying. Be sure to leave branches that have new sprouts, as the signs of life mean that the branch is doing well. 

Replant the bush

If the bush is in a spot near your house where it is difficult to receive sunlight or if the plant is too far in the sun and shriveling, a move may be in order. Relocate your bush to an area in your yard where it can benefit from sunlight plus the protection of shade. Have a professional landscaper move the rose bush once you have the bush in a healthy enough state to survive the move. Be sure to consider where the roots of the rose bush will have space to grow and that they will not encroach upon another plant or area where the roots may be restricted. A better place in your yard may be just the move to help a rose bush thrive. 

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