Five Safety Tips To Remember When You Have To Do Some Tree Trimming

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Five Safety Tips To Remember When You Have To Do Some Tree Trimming

29 March 2017
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Tree trimming is often a vitally important task to maintain a property and keep it safe. However, handling tree trimming yourself can also be hazardous. You need to take some safety precautions to keep not only yourself but everyone around safe.

The following are five important safety tips to keep in mind when you're handling tree trimming by yourself:

Carefully assess the situation before you get started

Look over the area where you'll be trimming so that you're aware of any potential hazards before you get started. Before you start trimming, you need to decide what pieces of equipment you'll need and how you're going to access the branches that need trimming.

As part of your assessment before you start trimming, you should look out for any loose branches that are liable to fall and could create a safety hazard. 

Avoid working alone

If you'll need to go up on a ladder as part of your trimming job, it's always a good idea to work with one other person who can spot you and make sure the ladder remains stable while you're working.

Secure the area to protect passersby from getting hit by falling branches and twigs

Tree trimming always creates a safety hazard below, where branches will be falling. You shouldn't assume that passersby are going to see you at work and avoid the area below.

The only way to ensure safety below the area where you're trimming is to secure the area and block it off so that no one can access it. You should also put on clothing that makes you highly visible while you're working so that those who pass by can see you and steer clear of your work area. 

Suit up with the proper equipment

Wearing a helmet is important if you'll be trimming heavy branches. It's also probably a good idea to wear work goggles to protect your eyes from debris like wood shavings and dust particles.

You'll also want to wear a sturdy pair of work gloves that will protect you against splinters and other injuries. 

Don't get too close to power lines when you're trimming

One of the biggest hazards when you're trimming branches is the potential for power lines that are located nearby to interfere. A lot of tools used to trim branches--like ladders and trimmers--are highly conductive and must not come in contact with conductors or power lines.

If you have to trim anywhere near power lines, the job is best left to professionals. Click here for more info.